About Us - Design Warehouse

Design Warehouse started to fulfill the needs of Campus Design and The Double T Zone in Lubbock Texas when Campus Design became the “Official Merchandiser for Texas Tech Athletics” in 2004.  Campus Design was a Lubbock retailer that started in 1992 selling Texas Tech merchandise in South Plains Mall, near Texas Tech campus, Kingsgate Shopping Center and Lakeridge Commons in 2006.  Campus Design in Lakeridge Commons at 98th and Quaker quickly became a destination store for many Texas Tech fans and Alumni and was the best college store in the country.


After Campus Design became the “Official Merchandiser for Texas Tech Athletics”, it became necessary to design and print T-Shirts, Youth apparel and Ladies’ apparel to service five stores and all the merchandise booths at Texas Tech athletic venues.  At that point, Design Warehouse was born.  For years, Design Warehouse only supplied printed merchandise to Campus Design, Tech Traditions (“Official Store of Texas Tech Alumni”) and the Double T Zone.


In 2011, Design Warehouse began taking their design and printing capability to the general public in Lubbock Texas.  Specializing in retail quality design, graphics and printing, Design Warehouse has increased revenue for many booster clubs, PTA’s and other organizations that were looking to spark sales for their organization.  Most of our customers are referrals from other customers which is the biggest complement we could ever get.


With over 20 years experience in retail and producing retail quality merchandise, Design Warehouse can help you sell more products or at the very least make your team, business or organization look the best.  We can do all of that while still keeping the cost low.  We work very hard for our customers and you will please when you give us a chance.


Design Warehouse offers:

·         Custom Screen printing with retail quality graphics and printing at a reasonable price

·         Custom Embroidery on a wide range of apparel and other merchandise

·         Promotional Products that help market your business or organization

·         Graphic Design

·         Marketing Solutions


We want to be the people you call for anything that you need.  Although we sell and manufacture thousands of products, we don’t have everything, but we can sure help you find anything.


In December of 2012, Design Warehouse will launch there custom design website.  Design your own shirt right here on our site and we will make it look great with retail quality screen printing or embroidery.  Your own custom ink with local service.